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Le Soleil Sarong

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"Embodying the radiant spirit of the Mediterranean coast, introducing the 'Le Soleil' Sarong. The original print has been hand painted with oil on linen by Australian artist, Stevie Michaels, using soft continuous brushstrokes in turquoise blue and contrast warm golden tones. Taking inspiration from St. Raphael's rocky cliffs meeting the turquoise waves, 'Le Soleil' creates a timeless connection between land and sea. Painted in a romantic abstract way, featuring a Mediterranean figure motif, adorned with olive groves, and with nods to the sun and sea ~ this relaxed artwork can be worn at any angle. In a luxurious silk and finished with a hand-rolled hem ~ embrace tranquility and let 'Le Soleil' be your companion on your next voyage."

- 100% Silk
- Hand rolled edge
- Hand painted design by artist Stevie Michaels
- 130cm x 130cm
- One Size