Borgo San Marco - Puglia

In conversation with Valentina & Vittorio, on all things design, food and Apulian culture. The inspiration for the latest collection, shot at the beautiful Masseria.

 How would define the style of Borgo San Marco and how has it evolved through the years?

The Amatis family decided to restore the Masseria 15 years ago, preserving the atmosphere and the appeal of the past, creating an elegant, sustainably-minded and traditional farm house, located between the country side and the sea.

The Masseria Borgo San Marco in Fasano is an enchanting fortified village, situated amidst 160 acres of ancient olive trees on the Apulian Coast.


How important is food & meal times in Apulian culture?

In Apulian culture food is like a ritual, at all good Italian get-togethers, food takes centre stage: seasonal fresh fish, melons, figs, locally grown olive oils and wines.

Our restaurant offers a journey through taste inviting you to discover traditional Apulian dishes made with traditional techniques using local ingredients. Many of the Apulian products we use, are grown on site and always of high quality.

Do you have any seasonal ingredients that are celebrated in your restaurant?

The cultivation of olive trees and the production of extra virgin olive oil goes back 5 centuries, The Amati family have produced this and we are so proud of this product.

Borgo San Marco’s extra virgin olive oil is a gentle recipe obtained from the cold pressing of olives from our estate. The olives are harvested by hand, while the milling is carried out within 48 hours of their harvest. 

Our production follow strict specification to classify the product as a high grade, fine extra virgin olive oil.The result is fruity, has an after taste of bitter and sweet almonds which is famously unique and delicious.


What are your top things to do in Puglia while visiting Borgo San Marco?

Puglia is a wonderful region, its extraordinary landscapes are full of discoveries and fascinating places. A  hospitable land, rich in history, culture and traditions, like a painter’s palette full of the most  beautiful colours.

The enchanting Itria Valley with its Trulli, caves and crystal clear sea are yet another beautiful memory in the making. The sea is just a few kilometres from the Masseria, so it can be easily reached in a few minutes. Another 26 km away you can visit famous Ostuni, the White City, with its marvellous medieval village.

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